Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Web 2.0 Wednesday: Another PowerPoint? Just Shoot Me.

Remember when a PowerPoint was the height of classroom innovation? These days, introducing a lesson with a PowerPoint is more likely to elicit a yawn than a gasp of wonder and delight. Ready to mix things up a bit? Try Prezi!

Prezi does presentations a bit differently than PowerPoint. Rather than a linear series of slides, Prezi allows you to size and arrange the pieces of your presentation--text, images, video, and documents--on one large canvas, panning, zooming, and rotating to show different parts in an order that you set. Because the whole presentation is on one large canvas, you can easily show your audience the “big picture” of the topic, how ideas relate, and hierarchical structure. Plus, since it’s still relatively new and provides opportunities for surprise elements, it keeps the audience more engaged.

Here are some ways that you as an educator might use Prezi, along with sample presentations for each.

There are even Prezis about how to make a Prezi! Go ahead and check it out! Search for a Prezi about a topic that you teach. What are your ideas for using Prezis in education?

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