Meet Anna

Anna taught 4th grade for 10 years before becoming a school technology coordinator. She currently manages the technology program at a unique, state-of-the-art public school serving special needs students ranging from 6th grade to young adults.

Anna's Teachers Pay Teachers store features products for all subject levels, most suited to upper elementary (but that may be useful for teachers a bit lower or higher as well). Some of the most popular items are listed below. Make sure to check out the FREE resources!

Anna is a follower of Jesus Christ, a wife, and a mom to two beautiful children who are in elementary and middle school. She enjoys writing, Bible study, Silhouette design, and designing curriculum in her spare time.

Here are some FREEBIES that are available in my store:
Yearlong, Semi-Quarterly Book Share Project (Downloaded over 56,000 times! Also available in a comprehensive, editable version for $3.50)

Here are my most popular paid items:
Graph the Constellations, $3.00 (Over 2000 sold!)
Space Adventure File Folder Game / Center (Science: Solar System), $3.00
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