Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Web 2.0 Wednesday: Warning Sign Generator

Warning! Web 2.0 tools can be addictive!

With the Warning Sign Generator, students can quickly customize warning signs with a variety of options. There are 11 sign styles and 45 symbols, and you can customize up to 6 lines of text underneath. What could you use this for in the classroom? Let us know in the comments!

Ideas for using Warning Signs in the Classroom
  • Create classroom signs warning against use of cell phones and smoking. Warning: Smoking Makes You Look Old!
  • Designate center areas in the classroom with humorous warning signs. Warning: These Books Are Addictive!
  • After studying problem/solution in stories, have students generate warning signs that address the specific problems in the stories they are reading. Warning: Pilot May Have Heart Attack at 30,000 Feet!
  • Students on the yearbook committee can create signs warning of the regret of failing to purchase a yearbook. Caution! Failure to Purchase Yearbook May Result in Crippling Regret!
  • Brainstorm a list in class, then have students make signs warning against common errors in math calculations. Caution! When the top number is smaller, you must regroup before subtracting.
  • Design warning signs that would've helped historical figures you are studying. Notice! Silk Worms Will Not Thrive in Georgia!
  • Generate humorous signs as a part of animal reports. Warning: Bunnies Display Uncontrollable Cuteness!


  1. On you can find more sign gens.

    1. What a great resource Brian! Thanks for sharing it!

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