Thursday, July 5, 2012

Top 10 Websites I Use in the Lab

I was inspired by Teaching My 3's linky party on top 10's. What an interesting idea for a linky party! I hope she gets lots more responses, because I really enjoy reading these types of lists. Here's my entry: top 10 websites I use in the preschool computer lab, not necessarily in order.
  1. : Great for preschool and kindergarten skill-building
  2. Kerpoof!: Even the youngest students can publish work with these easy-to-use tools
  3. Starfall / More Starfall: Go-to site for topical and literacy activities
  4. Highlights Kids: This is the first place I look for seasonal and holiday-themed activities
  5. TVO Kids:Lots of easy-to-use games that focus on literacy and other skills. Paired with a Braille overlay, Letterella game works well for blind preschoolers.
  6. ABCYa!: Fun, colorful, skill-based activities organized by grade level and theme
  7. Knee Bouncers: Variety of activities for very young children or for children learning to use an accessibility switch for cause-and-effect.
  8. Help Kidz Learn: Activities for a range of abilities, many switch-accessible.
  9. All Abilities Playground: Games specifically designed for use by students with a variety of needs. Memory and Ibis Buster can be played by blind students using a traditional keyboard with tactile markers.
  10. Sheppard Software Preschool: Activities for colors, numbers, shapes, and a wonderful variety of animal games, all fully accessible for non-readers.
Be sure to make your own Top 10 and link up on Teaching My 3's blog! Click the button!

Teaching My 3

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