Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Web Tool Wednesday: Zunal WebQuest Maker

It's Wednesday again! This week's tool is Zunal WebQuest Maker. It takes the traditional format of a WebQuest (Introduction, Task, Process, Evaluation, Conclusion) and provides an easy to use tool for creating your own. You can also easily browse Web Quests made by others. 

I had trouble finding how to search at first, but finally located the search feature when I clicked on Browse. On the Browse page, you get a grid at the top that is organized by subject area along one axis and grade level along the other. The table shows how many Web Quests are in each category. For instance, there are 18 Web Quests for Foreign Language for grades K-2. Clicking on any of the numbers narrows the results below to that section. The Search feature is located under the grid.

  • Web Quests can include links and file attachments. 
  • There is a rubric creator integrated into the tool
  • There are lots of Web Quests you can browse to find a ready-made one that works for your class.
  • The professional (paid) account allows you to adapt others' Web Quests for your own use.
  • The professional (paid) account is not very expensive.
  • Some of the Web Quests I found were of excellent quality--higher-order thinking skills, well-organized, and all materials ready to use.
  • Users can review Web Quests for quality.
  •  The free account limits you to creating just one Web Quest.
  • The professional (paid) account is only available in a 3-year subscription.
  • The Web Quests I visited had a large range of quality. Some seemed to really just provide a list of links and a simple task. Some referenced links or files that were not included.
  • None of the Web Quests I visited had any reviews, making the review feature useless.
Here are some sample Web Quests that I liked:
Do you use Web Quests in your classroom? Did you find any Zunal lessons that looked like they might work in your classroom? Would you be willing to pay for this service? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I went ahead and bought a subscription last year. I have to admit, I stopped making the webquests last year. They're okay, but the kids really only use the last page. It would be nice to learn more about it from other bloggers. Let me know if you decide to do more!

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  4. Wich site allows you to create a webquest? Blogger. Wordpresd.or wikispaces?

    1. The site is called Zunal.


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